Hi thanks for visiting our store, here is our story and what we do…

Where it all began

This 3 generational family run business came to be with Basilio Rufo starting his own tailoring and alteration business out of his garage in Hamilton (Basilio Rufo Tailoring). With the help of his wife, daughter, and son Mark, the business established itself as one of the best in Newcastle, doing tailoring and alterations for most retail shops and some high profile sporting and political figures.

As time went on, Basilio’s son Mark went on to take over the business and transitioned the business out of the family garage and into a shop front in Hamilton - renaming it MB Tailoring and Alterations. With Mark's modern approach to business, he incorporated retail suits and tailor-made services that helped diversify his clientele and cement his business for many years to come. Mark would then have his children develop skills in the trade under his supervision. Mark grew his humble beginnings to big ambitions, which took him to relocate his now well-established business to just outside Charlestown Square.

During Newcastle's first lockdown, Mark and his son Jesse put their heads together to create something fresh and new for MB Apparel. Coming out of lockdown 2021, Mark and Jesse renovated the once predominantly tailoring store to include suiting as well as their new brand Twenty 11. This incorporated some casual wear such as shirts, jeans, buttons ups, denim jackets and chinos, as well as their very own cut and design of suits, sport jackets, dress chinos, shirts, ties and accessories. All this combined with the tailoring and alterations, has made MB Apparel the one stop shop that it was always dreamt of.